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 Passion Poetry

          Excuse Me I Have To Know Your Name

From across the Mall, you caught my eyes and all I could say was damn you fine

You were posted up against the wall like yeah get at me and your sexy swagger captured me like bees to honey

The closer and closer, I came toward you with every step I felt weak in my knees 

The aroma of your presence took my breath way that I could barely catch my breath 

As I inhale and exhale your manly scent it was invigorating and intoxicating like hot lava burning through my veins

With one look is all that it took because now I’m hook on you like a sex fen

My heart is beating so fast as I’m taking deep breath while trying to regain my composure

Constantly reminding myself to keep my eyes on the prize as I focus my thoughts 

Face to face

Eyes locked

Biting on my top lip

Hands sweaty

One finally deep breath

Excuse me I have to know your name

                                          FORBIDDEN LOVE


How can something so wrong feel so right? My mind is telling me this is so wrong because every time you leave, I’m so ready to do anything to make you stay.  My body yearns for your touch and warm embrace these feelings I just can’t erase.

My body is going crazy with thoughts of you holding me tight, and making love to me all through the night.  How can what I'm feeling be so wrong, but yet feeling so right? My heart races when I hear your special ring tone, as I am rushing to answer my phone before the song goes off.

Then my heart breaks in two and long for you when your voice is gone.  My mind is telling me no, but my body is telling me yes, but my heart is screaming out I just don’t know.

I can’t take it no longer control my tears in my eyes because I finally realize that you will never be mine.  Why oh why did this happen to me?  Damn you for what you did to me!!  How can our forbidden love affair be so wrong when the love that we are making feel so right, especially when you’re holding me tight all through the night?



As you entered the room it was like time just stood still just for you 

I tried not to look or stare, but I just couldn’t take my eyes off of you 

It was like I was under a love spell 

With one look I was hook and drawn to you like a moth to a flame 

With every step my body quiver and shake 

The closer and closer you came you took my breath away 

Your sexy swagger and style was driving my body insane 

As I inhale and exhale your scent was like an addictive drug 

That burned like hot lava through vein 

Your eyes had me hypnotize and your sexy lips had me mesmerize 

That arouse my deepest sexual desire deep within 

Just the sound of voice ignite and made all my female sense come alive 

Deep within I knew that what I was feeling had to be a sin 

With every naughty thought I was fighting to keep my composer 

My hormones are raging out of control 

My body is in overload and I’m about to explode 

I can barely catch my breath damn I can’t believe you got me so breathless


 Your sexy bedroom eyes had me lost in a love trance that made me so weak that I could barely speak.  My hormones are raging out of control causing me to desire to be your super freak.


The way you move your sexy mouth made me melt like butter, and the way you lick your sexy luscious lips had my body shaking and shuttering. Damn I feel my heart fluttering.


Just the sound of your sexy baritone voice was driving me insane, and vision of your deep inside of me running continually throughout my brain. OMG, I can’t believe almost screamed out your name.


Your walk has me so mesmerize with every sexy stride as you walk by.  I was so hypnotized with every muscle that rippling all over your body. My eyes pop out my head when I see what was bugling out your pants has me licking my lips and imagining you grabbing me by my hips.


Your body is calling me like a drug.  Damn you got me fening with just one look is all it took because now I’m hooked and love struck.  And I’m trying to do whatever it takes to make you mine.


      Unleash the Beast Within Me 

For so long I've been caged, and my hormones in a fiery rage.  My sexual appetite is out of control, and my need to feed my sexual hunger grows stronger with age. 

I’m so ready to unleash the beast that’s hidden deep within.  I’m just like a caged animal ready to pounce on my first victim.  I’m so hot and ready that I’m on fire like a scorching hot volcano. 

My body is overflowing with so many sexual desire that I’m like a hunger raging mad woman looking forward to feeding my sexual appetite.

I’m too hot to hold and too hot to contain because my body is in a sexual overload, and I’m about ready to explode…OMG!! I’m calling out!! SOS!! You better beware!!!

I’m search high and low for a beast master who can tame this beast within me, and he has to have just the right magical key that can unlock and finally set me free from my sexual misery.

So beware and take a precaution because I’m lurking in the dark like a predator stocking its next prey. I’m looking and waiting for someone to handle and unleash the beast within me.


  I am a volcano about to erupt.

Can you feel my fire burning oh so deeply inside of me?

I’m about to explode and unleash all that is within me.

Can you feel my temperature rising higher and higher?

I’m filled with some hidden desire.

I am a volcano about to erupt.

My body is about to explode like an atomic bomb.

I can feel my lava overflowing and overflowing nonstop.

I can’t stop until my task is complete.

I am a volcano about to erupt.

So beware and take a precaution because my body is on fire.

I’m in search of a fire fighter that can quench and contain my fiery desires.

I’m too hot to handle and too hot to touch.

If you don’t be careful you could get burned.

Because.... I Am A Volcano......

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